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Top 5 Challenges in Primary Education in India

Primary education is a fundamental right in India. Every child, whether a boy or a girl, should have access to

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Why Should You Give CUET | Importance of CUET?

Before understanding the importance of CUET, let's first understand what CUET is. The National Testing Agency will be conducting a

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10 Best Ways to Concentrate on Studies and Focus Better

For studying, a better focus is very crucial; if you are not able to do it, then here are some

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Ukraine-returned medical students: “It’s ok, not all dreams come true.”

Many students choose to pursue a career in medicine with the hopes

Ways to Reduce Homesickness While Studying Abroad

If you are tired of Homesickness while studying abroad and looking for

Understanding The Reasons Why Your Paper Got Failed?

Rejection is normal in academic publishing, yet it is demotivating. Nobody wants